Optical Table (9.0MX1.5m) Shanghai Institute of Optics & Fine Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences


Name: Composite self-balancing Precision Vibration-isolated Optical Table




Client Requested/Tailor-made Specification:


(1)  Main breadboard consists of two connected pieces with receptive size of 6m*1.5m and 3m*1.5m.

(2)  Seamless splicing of 2 separate pieces to form an L shaped platform.

(3)  Unevenness is less than 0.1mm/ and the roughness is less than 0.8μm.

(4)  M6 threaded holes with space of 50mm*50mm in between.

(5)  Inherent Frequency: Less than 2Hz in horizontal direction and less than 2Hz in vertical direction.

(6)  Minimum load Capacity: 6,000kg.

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